At Private Detective UK there are many questions you may have on your mind prior to contacting us here are a few everyday questions our clients ask:

At present Private Investigators are not licensed in the United Kingdom.   However, we are members of a professional body. (The Institute of Professional Investigators)

At present Private Investigators are not licensed in the United Kingdom however we are members of professional body. (The Institute of Professional Investigators)

We will always attempt to start working on your case immediately and work towards your timescales.

Due to the complexity of each case and our services being tailor made to the client’s requirements, our costs vary depending upon which service is required. In relation to investigations, we do not work on a no win no fee basis.

We are a professional company and we only conduct work which is within the law every case is assessed individually and an impact assessment is conducted prior to any work being undertaken.

All of the work we conduct is up to a court standard and if requested, witness statements and sworn affidavits can be provided.

We do not hack phones or computers this is highly illegal and not a service we provide if you wish to undertake forensics to retrieve deleted items of a handset or device, we would need evidence that (you) the client own the device and the information stored on the device is also yours as intercepting a third parties data is illegal and again not a service we provide.

We cannot look into anyone’s bank account this is illegal and data protected.

We cannot trace a car registration to locate the owner.

Everything you discuss with our team is strictly 100% confidential

We do not meet with our clients due to the nature of the business all work is dealt with via telephone and once a case is taken on you will be assigned your own case manager who will be your point of contact throughout your service.

If you have any court orders such as non-molestation order etc. we cannot undertake any work for you and you will be asked prior to proceeding if you have any restraining orders or anything in place.

We do not take instalments or cash we take payment upfront which can be paid via debit or credit card or alternatively via bank transfer. We do not take American Express or PayPal.

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